Almost There…

If you have come to this page expecting to find a series of blog posts about AJ Rhys and her cashier Ivy (of the Bookshop Hotel), I’m sorry to disappoint you. I have removed the posts because they have been rewritten, properly edited, and submitted for publishing.

On that note, the book should be available soon! We have about 50 days left and you can expect to be made fully aware of release dates here or on my facebook page:

The book currently in the publishing process is a novella and the first of a series of full length novels about Lily Hollow and its Bookshop Hotel. So far, I’m pleased to share that people are liking it:

“Why was I angry after reading A.K. Klemm’s The Bookshop Hotel: Restoration? Because Klemm managed to do in a novella what all writers aspire to – I wanted to know more about these characters and the hotel. I wanted to follow them around for the rest of their days and listen to their conversations and attend their parties and eat dinner at Sam’s Deli. I wasn’t ready to end my time with her characters.” – Melinda McGuire, Author of The Hefner Falls Series

Good thing it is going to be a series!

And to think, all this because I started a writing exercise right here at this web address.

I can’t wait to bring you more updates and for you to enjoy the book the way a book should be enjoyed – in your hands with pages to sniff and turn.


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