First Goodreads Review!

Author M.G. King reviewed The Bookshop Hotel on Goodreads this morning!

“The building groaned in the wind, ached under rainfall, grew tired of neglect. Then AJ came and things began to change.” — from the Bookshop Hotel

The Bookshop Hotel is emotionally rich and just the right length to devour in an afternoon curled up with a favorite cup of coffee. I could happily spend the rest of my days living in one of those cozy rooms above the bookshop of Klemm’s engaging imagination.

Twenty-six year old AJ Rys returns to her childhood hometown and begins restoring an old hotel bequeathed to her by her grandfather. Rotten boards are replaced, the woodwork is spruced up, and then the books move in. The wonderful bones of a Victorian mansion are resurrected anew into a bookshop where an old, dying community begins to hum to life once more. But AJ’s past identity within the small, sometimes confining, community clashes with who she’s becoming. A.J. must find the courage to come to terms with her past and forge her future in a community of people she cares about.

Klemm’s language is gorgeous, flowing from one beautiful sentence to the next. The characters jump fully formed from the page, feeling instantly like people I’d known my whole life. Hoping there will be a sequel so I can spend some more time in the old hotel in Lily Hollow! It already feels a little like home.

I feel honored that someone I respect so much would enjoy my work!


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