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The Bookshop Hotel by A.K. Klemm is a September, 2013 Clay Press Publication. I was provided a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.
A.J has always dreamed of turning the old Hotel into a bookshop. She and her grandfather drew up blueprints when she was child and now that A.J. has recovered from the injuries she sustained in a car accident that killed her husband, she has thrown herself into the project heart and soul.

The hotel is in terrible disrepair, but as the old hotel becomes more pleasing to the eye, the town’s spirits begins to lift. In fact, the community of Lily Hollow seems to come awake after a long sleep.

One thing A.J didn’t count on was the feelings that grew between herself and her new assistant, Matthew. When the store gets read to open, A.J. and Matthew are physically exhausted. But, when A.J’s mother arrives and A.J. really begins to contemplate her marriage and all it’s flaws and the prospect of starting a new life with Matthew, emotional exhaustion also creeps in. Naturally, the air will have to be cleared in order for healing to take place, but with the help of the bookshop and the spirit of A.J.’s grandfather, the town of Lily Hollow will begin to relinquish its past hurts and become a renewed and delightful community of people.

This sweet contemporary fiction novel is written is a style that puts me in mind of one of my favorite authors of Women’s Fiction. It would be bad form to mention her name in the review, but I can tell you she is mighty popular. The book is not very long and wouldn’t take you more than a day to read it if you had the time, but the author accomplishes a lot in a short space of time and gives us the sweet emotional story of family, healing and community that will touch you without it being too sugary sweet. I felt like I was a part of the community and of course anytime someone makes books a central part of the story line you can’t go wrong. Right? Right.

An enjoyable way to spend an afternoon away from the stresses and obligations in your life and be transported to a simpler way of living we all wish we could be a part of.

Overall I will give this one an B+/A- or 4 stars.

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