On Broadway in San Antonio

This weekend I visited three Half Price Books stores in San Antonio.  The Bookshop Hotel has made a visual impact all over the city (well, the north side, that is) and bookmarks have been scattered to the masses.  I’m pleased with the trip, even if sales were minimal, and would like to share my favorite book signing moments.

P1020559The front sidewalk is divine, but what makes this store unique is that the “front” of the store isn’t actually here… you go around back and there’s a door and a doorbell and a whole world on the backside of the building.

Once inside, a fellow named Gary was there to escort me to my table.  He was so pleasant and full of so many San Antonio history stories.  He told me all about the building we were in, the neighborhoods surrounding Broadway, and is all around a great guy.


The Broadway store is inviting, full of characters, and was a pleasant place to spend my Saturday morning.

While there, my friend found a copy of “Smilin’ Jack and the Daredevil Girl Pilot,” a novel written in 1942 based on a 1938 Comic Strip by Zack Mosley.  We bought it in between selling and signing copies of The Bookshop Hotel.  I met a delightful lady named Cindi, signed a book to her, and found myself in the best of moods for my very exhausting trek from signing to signing.

I also met a fellow who was looking for Arabian Nights in all 14 volumes, and if he finds this page, I’d like to tell him: Cheever Books right down the sidewalk has what you’re looking for.

I heard chatter among the customers regarding the Historical Society at war with Home Owner’s Associations, and I couldn’t help but think that something like that might happen in Lily Hollow if the people there were a little more political.  For now, however, those particular kinds of politics are handled by Nancy and are kept out of the general population’s radar.  Who knows, maybe we’ll hear about things of this nature in book three…

I have more pictures and adventures to share.  Currently, they are not wanting to load and I keep receiving upload errors.  There will be more posts to come, regarding the other stores I visited and more.

In the mean time, the sequel to The Bookshop Hotel is currently in editing.





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