The Bookshop Hotel

The Bookshop Hotel is the first installment of the Lily Hollow series.

After returning to her hometown of Lily Hollow, AJ Rhys sets to fulfilling her childhood dream of restoring the old hotel on Aspen Court. With nothing but the legacy of her great grandfather and the help of two dedicated strangers, AJ begins transforming the once grand hotel into her ideal bookshop and refuge. Only after the renovations are in full swing does it become apparent that the hotel is having an effect on the town and everyone in it. The memory of a past that still haunts both AJ and Lily Hollow finally begins to release its grip as the Bookshop Hotel becomes a tie that binds its patrons together. A story of family, tragedy, forgiveness and the power of books, The Bookshop Hotel is an intriguing introduction to the residents of a small town where the past is never far away and secrets remain just below the surface.

It all began as a series of blog posts that served as writing exercises, right here at this site.  Therefore, I thought it only proper and just that the site remain open for Lily Hollow fans who have been here from the beginning, as well as for new ones we find along the way.

my book!


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